Expressive Love with Chocolate

Expressive Love with Chocolate

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Product Description

Expressive Love with Chocolate

Surprise your loved one on a special day with a special combo! How about this treasure chest filled with yummy Chocolates, with teddy bear Love and Toffee.  This is a really beautiful bear made from snowy white plush fur. It is irresistibly cuddly and hug-able.

Along with Cut Glass bass chocolate decoration on it It's a delicious and adorable gift.

Product Specification:
  1. Cut Glass Decoration pcs 5"H x 2D
  2. Love Bear Size: 9.5 inches
  3. Perk (2)   
  4. Cadbury (5)
  5. Novella (5)
  6. Tiffany (25)

  • Love bear may vary depending upon availability.
  • -Cut glass may vary depending on the availability

Additional Product Info

  • Product may vary slightly from the picture.

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  • ordering is requested for date specific deliveries.

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  • Karachi

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