LOVE NATURE Smoothing Lip Mask & Scrub Tropical Bliss

LOVE NATURE Smoothing Lip Mask & Scrub Tropical Bliss

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Product Description

Revitalise and nourish dry lips with this deliciously scented tropical mask and scrub that puts the power back into your pout.
Passion Fruit, Mint and Lime to naturally exfoliate and nourish
Golden Sugar granules gently remove dead skin cells
Dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types

Exfoliate, smooth & nourish with pure tropical bliss!
Infused with a delicate blend of organic tropical ingredients, our Love Nature Smoothing Lip Mask & Scrub will delight your senses and revitalise your lips.
Bid farewell to dry lips with this blissfully tropical lip mask and scrub, infused with natural ingredients including Passion Fruit, Mint, and Lime. Specially formulated to exfoliate and nourish the delicate skin on your lips, its exotic scents with transport you to faraway destinations, while giving your lips some well-deserved love. For the soft, hydrated pout you know and love!
What’s more, the mint, passion fruit, and lime in our Smoothing Lip Mask & Scrub Tropical Bliss are all organically farmed, which means they are grown without chemicals – preserving their powerful healing plant properties as well as the planet!
Dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types.

How to use as a mask:
1. In order to help your lips to absorb all of the nutrients, it’s important that you have clean lips, free from lipstick or any other product.
2. Using your fingertip, apply a liberal amount of product to your lips.
3. Leave the product on for 15 minutes – it helps to set a timer if you want to relax and unwind completely. Take this moment to meditate, catch up on that book you’ve been meaning to finish, or tidy up around the house. You decide!
4. Using a wet wipe, gently wipe off the mask.
5. Now you can enjoy the feeling of soft, hydrated lips!

How to use as a scrub:
1. Use your fingertip to apply a generous amount of product to your lips, making sure that you’ve covered the entire area.
2. With your fingertip, use circular motions to exfoliate and scrub away the dry, dead skin cells. For an extra exfoliating boost, you can use soft-bristled toothbrush instead of your fingertip.
3. After you’ve exfoliated, wipe off the remaining product.
4. Pat your lips dry with a towel and follow up by applying your favourite moisturising lip balm.

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