OPTIMALS Deep Cleansing Gel

OPTIMALS Deep Cleansing Gel

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Product Description

Gel to foam format, deeply cleanses and unclogs pores, with crushable, oil-releasing beads, to help leave skin feeling instantly refreshed but not dry. Formulated with skin nutrients; Fruit Acids and Vitamin C from Strawberries, helps boost skin’s radiance.

Designed to purify skin

Skin feels instantly refreshed, but not dry

Formulated by skin nutrition experts

Cleanse your way to healthy-looking skin – free from dirt and daily impurities! Our skin nutrition experts have developed the right balance of wholesome skin nutrients designed to purify skin and unclog pores. This gel-to-foam format deeply and gently cleanses, with a formula that features crushable, almond oil-infused beads. These capsules are designed to break open, as you gently massage your skin during cleansing, releasing a small amount of oil to help soften skin and prevent it from feeling dry. Plus, it includes Fruit Acids and Vitamin C from Strawberries, natural exfoliants that help to boost skin’s radiance and leave skin feeling instantly refreshed!

Deeply cleanses, purifies skin, unclogs pores, softens, helps boost radiance
Best for: deep cleansing, ideal for rough skin
Texture: Gel with crushable, oil-releasing beads – turns to foam with water
Bonus benefits: unclogging pores and boosts skin’s radiance
Skin nutrition: Fruit Acids and Vitamin C from Strawberries/Soft Capsules with Almond Oil

How to

How & When: massage a small amount of cleanser into wet skin for up to a minute, rinse thoroughly with water, then pat skin dry. Use morning and evening.
Where: on face, avoiding eye-area
Optimal Tip: The fruit acid extracts in this cleanser are known to have natural astringent and exfoliating abilities that work together to help give you smooth, glowing skin! Try spending a few extra moments in clogged up or blemish-prone areas, like your nose, jawline and chin – and let this cleanser be your first step towards a more radiant complexion!

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